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Arrange for a skin rejuvenation treatment in Bismarck, ND

It's hard to feel comfortable in your skin when you see wrinkles and acne every time you look in the mirror. You can revive your skin easily by making an appointment at Embrace Beauty.

Our skin rejuvenation technicians use lasers and light refraction to smooth out skin imperfections in no time. After your appointment, you'll feel nothing but confidence when you catch your reflection. Schedule a skin treatment appointment at our salon in Bismarck, ND today.

Discover how our Venus Versa machine can revive your skin

Embrace Beauty uses the Venus Versa Multifunction Treatment Machine to give unique skin treatments to each patient. This photo-rejuvenation equipment can...

Treat acne
Reduce wrinkles
Remove hair
Resurface skin

The entire process is safe, comfortable and noninvasive. Plus, the Venus Versa machine features several settings for unique treatment options. Consult our technicians about your skin rejuvenation needs today.


Works to reduce visible signs of premature aging, such as sun damage, brown spots, visible veins, and discoloration. There is minimal discomfort and typically only some redness for about a day afterward. With an IPL PhotoFacial, you can achieve noticeably brighter, clearer, and more youthful-looking skin.


This technology treats both the underlying cause and the visible symptoms of acne. It uses a combination of blue and red light delivered simultaneously-the blue light destroys acne-causing bacteria, while the red light reduces existing acne-related inflammation to promote faster healing.


Long-term hair removal treatments have become the go-to solution for patients who are tired of relying on shaving, waxing, plucking, and using depilatory creams. In fact, long-lasting hair removal treatments continue to rank as one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures.


Non-invasive and pain-free solution for body contouring, cellulite and circumference reduction, wrinkle reduction and skin tightening for the face, neck, and body. Venus Freeze Pulsed Electromagnetic Field and Radio Frequency energy works on melting/shrinking fat cells and tightening skin at the same time and all without pain or downtime.


Versa skin resurfacing treatments can effectively reduce signs of skin damage and improve the appearance of uneven skin texture, no matter how fair or dark your skin tone. It is powered by advanced radio frequency technology to safely correct signs of skin damage, which improves the appearance of scars, visible pores, deep wrinkles, stretch marks, and uneven skin texture.


The TriBella facial treatment is a three-in-one therapy that combines photofacial, anti-aging, and skin resurfacing to improve skin tone, elasticity, and texture. The Venus TriBella photofacial treatment corrects discoloration, fades age spots, reduces sun damage, and improves skin tone. Then, the anti-aging treatment diminishes fine lines, reduces wrinkles, and firms up skin. Lastly, the skin resurfacing treatment smoothens out the appearance of uneven skin texture, scars, rosacea, enlarged pores, stretch marks, and other skin textural concerns.